Health is physical

A strong and resilient body

It’s emotional,

A clear, calm mind

It’s spiritual

Peace, connection, compassion

It’s gratitude in the face of tragedy

Love at a time of rejection

Courage in the face of fear

It’s being able to dry your tears

And feel joy.

Health is loving the feel of the sun

On a bright summer morning

Climbing a mountain

Riding a bike or swimming in the ocean

It’s playing with a grandchild

Health lies in the everyday

The things we take for granted

Abundant energy

A good night’s sleep

A healthy GI tract

Enjoying the smell of coffee brewing

Relishing the taste of decadent chocolate.

Health is opening to all that life offers

Both painful and joyful

Deep wholehearted emotion

Necessary to prepare a space

For unbounded joy.

The extraordinary and the rare

The everyday and the mundane

The routine and the ritual

Health offers the opportunity to enjoy it

To live it

To walk through life Empowered

Fully Awake

To our Life’s potential.


Marsha Nunley MD
Marsha Nunley MD
I am an internist, trained and experienced in Western Medicine, who believes that illness and disease are best treated by working to discover their underlying causes. Come to me for bioidentical hormones, advice on healthy aging, and whole-body medicine.