Your First Appointment

What to Expect

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Your initial visit is scheduled for one hour. During that hour you will have a comprehensive discussion of your health issues, receive a physical examination, and work with Dr. Marsha to formulate a plan to achieve your health care goals.  You can fill it paperwork beforehand: you can find it here.

Your Role as a Patient

At the end of your initial visit Dr. Marsha will provide a written copy of your health plan. This plan requires you to invest a significant amount of time and effort in restoring your health. She’ll likely recommend changes to your diet that demand adjustments in your daily life—how you shop for food, the things you eat, and the way you eat. Remember that you cannot expect your health to change if you are unwilling to change. True health transformation—the change that leads to healing—requires commitment.

Initially, we’ll try to focus your plan on issues we believe will help you feel better quickly. We find that initial and measurable improvement is motivational, and often makes it easier for patients to commit to the process of developing new habits. Change isn’t easy, but together we’ll embark on a journey to reclaim your health and vitality.

The Check Out

At check out, we will give you a written health plan that contains the information Dr. Marsha discussed with you at your visit. We will review your plan with you, discuss medications and supplements, and answer any questions you may have following your appointment.

Supplements prescribed are either available for purchase at our office, or ordered online and drop-shipped to you.

The Follow Up

Follow up appointments are scheduled for a half hour. Your follow-up will be scheduled 2-3 months following your first appointment and will include lab work.