Weight Loss Programs

Two thirds of Americans are overweight

Almost two-thirds—65%—of Americans are overweight. Thirty years ago Type 2 diabetes was an adult-onset disease; today we are seeing it diagnosed in elementary school children. There is increasing evidence that the American diet—highly processed and loaded with sugar—is a major factor in the rise of diabetes across all age groups. High fructose corn syrup—a cheap alternative sweetener widely used since the 1970s—is ubiquitous throughout the processed food supply. Check your labels: high-fructose corn syrup is in bread, cereal, soft drinks, yogurt, condiments and all kinds of fast food. Watch out for alternative names for HFCS, isoglucose, natural corn syrup, maize syrup, fructose syrup, fructose isolate, glucose syrup, or fructose. Our development of a cheap food supply has made food plentiful, but not healthful.

It not only matters what you eat, but when you eat.

From an evolutionary standpoint, our genes have evolved to protect us from starvation, so when we have an abundance of food, our body accommodates by storing fat. Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone. That’s what insulin does…tells your body to store fat if the body does not need to immediately utilize the glucose that is available. Carbohydrates as well as protein are the major macronutrients that stimulate insulin secretion. The primary pathology in Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. This happens when your body becomes “resistant” to insulin and requires ever increasing amounts to utilize at the cellular level the glucose and protein that your body needs. You get an ever increasing blood sugar and insulin with an ever increasing appetite and food cravings. This high insulin leads to fat storage and obesity and it becomes very difficult to lose weight. As we age, our declining hormone levels lead to more weight gain as well. In order to break this cycle and stop the ever-increasing insulin and fat storage, we must figure out a way to reduce the high insulin levels.

Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

People like to tell you how simple it is to lose weight. “Eat less, move more”. ‘Everything in moderation,’ they tell you – as if you lacked discipline. It doesn’t work. This facile wisdom overlooks the fact that where a body has maintained extra pounds over a period of years, it develops its own biochemical system to maintain excess weight. Add to that years of misinformation that has made. us fatter and fatter. In order to facilitate effective weight loss, you have to interrupt that biochemical system. Environmental toxins are also stored in fatty tissue, so a detoxification program may be a first step.

“The Obesity Code” and “The Diabetic Code” by Jason Fung

We utilize a program based on the books by Jason Fung , MD. The basic premise is that we must decrease insulin and the only way to do that is to provide periods without eating. Constant snacking with carbohydrates and protein and frequent meals leads to high insulin levels and fat storage. We will design the program that is right for you and works within your schedule and lifestyle to promote weight loss that is sustainable and permanent.

I am excited to offer this program for weight loss because ~90% of people who lose weight will gain it back. I have watched this happen over the years with the many, many weight loss programs that have been tried. None of them work. This program works.