Make your own path through the aging process

Healthy trail runA lot of guys go through it but few speak openly about it.

We’re talking about “male menopause,” a much-felt condition that commonly afflicts men between the ages of 40 and 60. This medical process is also called andropause and is the result of the male body producing less testosterone than it once did. Andropause usually shows up as a natural part of aging, as testosterone production peaks in the late teens after which it hits a plateau for approximately the next twenty years. However, there are many exceptions to that, and men can produce lower levels of testosterone for any number of environmental or genetic reasons.

While low testosterone doesn’t get much attention compared to other hormonal conditions, it can cause significant symptoms including: loss of libido, fatigue, increase in belly fat, joint aches, diminished physical performance and recovery, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, reduced mental clarity, decrease in skin quality and changes in mood that could include feelings of depression and a lost sense of well being.

These symptoms are nothing to overlook and if left unaddressed, can spiral into much larger issues for the men that face them. And while low testosterone can be a product of aging, medical practitioners are also seeing younger men coming in with symptoms of low testosterone, indicating a real need for attention to this vital hormone.

The upside to all of this is that there are plenty of options for men looking to correct the balance, and no longer are we subject to whatever aging throws at us. From body analysis to testosterone replacement and nutritional support, we can help you become every bit the man you were, if not a better version. Let’s start this journey together — contact us today to learn more.

Marsha Nunley MD
Marsha Nunley MD
I am an internist, trained and experienced in Western Medicine, who believes that illness and disease are best treated by working to discover their underlying causes. Come to me for bioidentical hormones, advice on healthy aging, and whole-body medicine.