Holiday Cheer & Specials from H.E.A.L. Medical

Marsha Nunley MD & H.E.A.L. Medical Corp

cordially invite you to join us in some

End of Year Holiday Cheer

 SATURDAY, December 17  from Noon – 6PM

We will be offering free Anti Aging Galvanic Facial Demonstrations, plus a mini health fair, wine & cheese


Please RSVP by December 14 or call 415.440.2200

2000 Van Ness, Suite 501A, San Francisco, California

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Incredible Holiday Specials That Could Help You Have a Health Breakthrough in 2012 

I want to let you know about some important specials being offered by nutraMetrix and for the Holiday Season. Not only could these specials help you have a much healthier 2012, they are significant discounts and they offer Cash Back that can be deducted from health products you purchase from me in the future. If you have Internet problems with these sites, Kathy Kaufman is available for support – her contact information is 800-983-6414 or


This is the time of year when most people let down their guards and temporarily throw inhibition to the wind. It’s a joyous season to celebrate with good food and great family and friends. It’s also the reason most people feel the need to come up with New Years’ Resolutions in the aftermath.

What do you have if you don’t have your health?

Get to the root of personalized nutrition. Genetics is like a loaded gun and environment is the trigger. While your DNA will never change, the way genes express themselves can be affected (both positively and negatively) by external factors like environment, exercise, lifestyle, supplementation and so on. The same diet or exercise program will have a different effect and lead to different results from one individual to the next.

With incredible advancements in technology and nutrition, now anyone has the opportunity to unlock their genetic code and get a roadmap to achieving maximum individual wellness.

Right now the screening is discounted $100! 


The Isotonic Survive the Season Kit is a $297 value for$99.95.  Just the OPC-3 antioxidant and Vitamin D are worth this purchase! In addition you get Activated B Complex, Vitamin C, L-tryptophan and the best Multivitamin/Multimineral on the market.

nutraMetrix Isotonics have a patented delivery that is 95% bioavailable. Many products have quality ingredients but if they aren’t bioavailabe they are useless to your body.  This is a great opportunity to try them for a big discount.

Order now

If any of you are shopping online this year you can get even more cashback. Receive a check or apply it to health products by shopping at H.E.A.L Medical’s site. You’ll be buying the same items you intended to buy but recycle your money for future health benefits. There is no fee and no limit. Make sure you are signed in so you receive cash back. If you are looking for something in particular, Kathy can help find it: 800-983-6414 or
Marsha Nunley MD
Marsha Nunley MD
I am an internist, trained and experienced in Western Medicine, who believes that illness and disease are best treated by working to discover their underlying causes. Come to me for bioidentical hormones, advice on healthy aging, and whole-body medicine.