Male Hormone Program

H.E.A.L. Medical Corp’s Male Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Program begins with a private one on one consultation with Dr. Marsha Nunley, MD. During this half hour, Dr. Marsha will review your health concerns, discuss hormone replacement and answer any of your questions. Using the personal information you provide, Dr. Marsha will recommend the hormone replacement program that is right for you and request specific labs for that program.


We offer a customized male lab panel to ensure the proper hormone replacement program. As lab results take approximately 10 days, we encourage you to schedule your blood draw at least 2 weeks before your scheduled appointment. For your initial labs, it is important that you fast for 8 hours before your blood is drawn. Follow up lab testing does not usually require fasting. You will receive a copy of your lab results at your appointment.



Catering to YOU

Our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Program is Physician Managed and involves an extensive consultation, evaluation and program development.  You will spend one half hour to one and a half hours with Dr. Marsha for your private program appointment. We want to help you learn how to feel your best every day, at every age, while you achieve the optimal hormone balance you deserve.



The Program

During your Initial Program appointment, you will discuss your health & lifestyle questionnaire with Dr. Marsha. She will review your lab results with you, focusing on your hormone levels and how they work in your body. Dr. Marsha will provide an in-depth evaluation of your hormones and discuss how to achieve optimal levels. Based on your levels, she will develop a hormone replacement program tailored for you. Your appointment will finish with a physical evaluation, prescription ordering and scheduling any necessary follow-up appointments.



Follow Up

Program management allows us to achieve successful patient results. Proper communication and follow up appointments are an integral part of each Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Program.  At the end of each appointment, you will receive a hardcopy of your labs as well as Dr. Marsha’s written notes from that appointment. The first follow-up appointment is approximately 60 days after the start of each program and then usually every 3 months until levels and symptoms are resolved. After that, yearly follow-up may be sufficient.


Practice Hours & Cancellation Policy

Our practice hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday by appointment. Appointments are prompt and private. We have a strict 72-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your appointment more than 72 hours before the time of your appointment, a $50 late fee will be applied.



Payment Terms

Payment is expected at the time of services.

Program Fees

Consultation and Recheck Appointments (30 minutes): $175
Basic Hormone Replacement Program Lab Panel: $295
Premier Hormone Replacement Program Lab Panel (Fasting required): $495
Program Appointment with Dr. Marsha, includes OligoScan – spectrometer testing for heavy metals, minerals, and oxidative stress (45 minutes) : $495


Prescription Management Program & Cost

Medications prescribed are based on individual lab results, delivery systems & specific dosages. We partner with MedQuest Pharmacy for our compounded medications.

A monthly fee of $75 is required for membership in our practice. We request a credit card authorization to charge your card for our monthly fee.